Stay Safe on Escalators

Monday Dec 10th, 2018


Escalators are everywhere, and it’s easy to take them for granted and possibly get careless when using them.  Every year, thousands of people end up in the emergency room because of escalator accidents, with children and the elderly at the greatest risk for serious injury.  Follow these basic safety tips for ascending and descending without mishaps:

· Make sure your shoes are tied.  A dangling shoelace can snag or get trapped in the escalator’s grooves or sides.

· Keep an eye on loose clothing so it stays clear of steps and sides.

· Always hold the handrail.  When carrying packages, keep one hand free so you can safely hold on.

· Stand in the center, not the sides.

· Face forward so you can watch where you’re going and when to step off.

· Step on and off carefully.  Watch the steps as they move so your feet are positioned correctly.  When you step off, get clear of the area right away to prevent collisions with people behind you.

· Use the proper escalator.  Walking (or running) up or down the wrong escalator is dangerous.

· If you have children with you, be especially careful to apply these guidelines.  Adults should hold the handrail, and children should hold the adult’s hand.  Or, for safety’s sake, use an elevator if available.

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