Perfect Holiday Parties

Tuesday Dec 03rd, 2019


Throwing a party is often a matter of the right combination of providing your guests relaxation and enough structure that they are able to enjoy themselves. A savvy host knows there are many ways to do this. Here are a few tips for throwing a winning party:

       ¨ Set the tone. If you really want everyone to relax and have fun make sure that you are completely organized.

¨ Whatever you’re going to serve, have it ready, and know how you’re going to serve it. If it’s sit down, have the first course on the table before you call your guests in to sit down. If it’s a buffet, round up some light help from your guests to do last minute preparations.

¨ Accept all gifts graciously, but don’t feel pressure to use what people bring immediately if you already have something else planned. Make sure you thank the person and emphasize you can’t wait to try it or use it tomorrow.

¨ Keep people talking and the conversation rolling. Don’t let one person dictate the conversation. You are the host and you can politely interject if someone takes over inappropriately or focuses on an inappropriate subject. Listen to what the person is saying and find a place to interject and segue into a new subject.

¨ See people out when they are ready to go, but don’t linger at the door and ignore your other guests. You want to make sure everyone leaves feeling you truly enjoyed their company and that they added to the uniqueness of the evening.

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