Shop Savvy at the Grocery Store

Monday Dec 10th, 2018


Everyone wants to stretch their food dollars, and the grocery store is a great place to do it.  Here are some tips for savvier shopping:

Don’t assume those items stacked at the end of the aisles – like sodas and chips – are on sale.  This is a trick to make them seem like they’re marked down.  More often than not, they’re marked at the regular price.

Know that you pay for convenience.  Skinless chicken breasts cost more than those packaged with skin.  The same applies to pre-cleaned and cut carrot and celery sticks.  Quality may not vary.  It’s just a matter of deciding whether you want to put a little extra work into it.

Try the store brands.  If you compare the contents and nutritional value of name-brand versus no-brand items, you’ll discover that they’re often identical.  In fact, they’re often made in the same plant in the same way.

Use coupons.  How often have you clipped coupons only to allow them to expire?  Develop a system that will ensure their use.

Avoid grocery stores on the weekend.  The stress of crowded stores and long lines makes you more susceptible to speed buying.  Try to shop during weekdays, first thing in the morning or later at night.

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